The Definitive Elvis Experience

Darren Green

Darren Green

Musical Director and Keyboard

Darren Green is a self-taught musician from the Medway towns in the United Kingdom.

His first encounter with music was when he played some old vinyl records he found in his mums record player when he was 8 years old.

When he asked who they were, she told him that they were called the BEATLES….

He was hooked on their incredible rhythm and vocal harmonies.

She told him that she was actually an extra in the film Magical mystery tour!

Darren first ventured into the serious side of the music industry with TV appearances on a show called search for a star on Sky television.

A few years later he signed to Sony records with a band called OUCH.

They had some success in Japan with a number one single and a follow top 5 single.

He has toured with 70s pop idol David Essex, and the Irish soul band The COMMITMENTS.

TV appearances include Blue Peter, the Kelly show, Get 5, Pebble Mill, This Morning, The Chart show, MTV, TVAM and many more.

Radio includes The Radio one roadshow, and Capitol radio, plus many more.

Darren also went on to play on the stage at the last night in the West End show BUDDY.

He played Jerry Lee Lewis for 10 years in the successful show ROCKIN’ ON HEAVENS DOOR.

Darren also toured with the Elvis 80th Anniversary tour in Holland.