The Definitive Elvis Experience

Steve Green

Steve Green

Bass and Double Bass

Steve first started out on the alto sax at an early age then switched to bass at 16 when he discovered the talents of Jaco Pastorious , Marcus Miller and Paul McCartney. He is the son of Jazz double bassist Dave Green and was soaking up the music at his father’s gigs as soon as he could walk! Joining various local groups and big bands he learnt his craft through constant gigging.

His experience and ability over twenty years has led him to play on many diverse stages working with highly regarded musicians from the BBC big band through to leading UK Latin band PAZ and the pop session world. He has performed and toured with artists such as PJ Proby, Forrest Lee Jnr (Nashville guitar virtuoso) as well as many top successful theatre tribute shows across the UK and Europe. Steve loves to recreate Jerry Scheffs iconic bass lines and his favorite Elvis song currently is Love song of the year. He usually plays Fender basses on stage and in the studio.

Jason is please to be part of Tees Events production “The Definitive Elvis Experience” starring Ben Thompson.